April 05, 2015

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SixthBase: A New Formation

SixthBase: A New Formation

Since you’re reading this, you may already know the news. SixthBase has a new brand identity now. This is a natural evolution for us as a Online Lifestyle Store, but it has taken several months to get to where we are now. Along the way, we have grown as a online store with ups & downs and refined our products while crafting a more meaningful vision of our future.

SixthBase was founded in October 2012 in Bengaluru, India as a online store. Over the months, we have sold more than 1,200 T-Shirts and have provided customised Hoodies & T-Shirts to Corporates & Colleges for the planned events.

We wanted to create designs linked with typography and patterns, but we still wanted a more radical change. We longed for a new brand and identity that would bring our evolved products to a global audience. That’s how we came up with the New SixthBase.

Our new logo and branding respects our roots while representing an overarching change. From the way we present our products, to the way we communicate to our customers, we have reimagined every single process and method within our store.

Today, we are launching a new online store that most precisely reflects our matured philosophy of simple, yet bold and dynamic design. We aim to design & deliver high quality products which satisfies our customers.

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We would like to thank you, our customers, and our loyal supporters for always inspiring us.